About the Cincinnatus Group


How The Cincinnatus Group Began

The Cincinnatus Group is a sales and marketing consulting firm offering contracted sales and marketing consulting services to private and public entities located throughout the world.

Founded by Andrew C. McCaffrey, The Cincinnatus Group finds its primary challenge in two current market/business conditions. At one and the same time, these conditions present modern businesses with severe challenges to growth and yet unparalleled opportunities.

The First Condition


With ever increasing speed, both new and traditional marketplaces are transforming from highly profitable ventures with little competition, into globalized, low-profit, highly competitive marketplaces.


The Second Condition


Blindsided by the ever increasing changes to their marketplace, today’s executives and entrepreneurs often find themselves caught up in “emergency mode,” or damage control, overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands of keeping their business afloat. The forethought needed to anticipate upcoming changes in the market, let alone to react effectively, seems an unattainable luxury.

To one degree or another,
every business faces these same market forces.
The Cincinnatus Group was founded to help
your company overcome them.

In Response to the First Condition


By working with your company, The Cincinnatus Group can help identify market strengths which would place you ahead of the competition, if only your potential customers better understood what you do better than all the rest. From our services as a Manufacturer Representative to our many capabilities in Marketing, Sales and Strategic Consulting, The Cincinnatus Group strengthens awareness in the marketplace of your company’s unique strengths.


In Response to the Second Condition


The Cincinnatus Group provides leadership in Strategic Consulting, from the basics of Strategic Planning to the management and implementation of a structured marketing plan. Our experienced and objective professionals have the ability to analyze your company’s present and future opportunities in a constantly changing marketplace.

Can The Cincinnatus Group Help You?

The Primary Marketplace for the services of The Cincinnatus Group includes:


Small to Medium Business to Business Product and Service Providers with...

  • $500,000 to $5,000,000 per year gross revenues.

  • Little or no sales or marketing expertise.

  •  Competing in niche marketplaces.

  • Declining/stagnant gross revenues and a shrinking marketplace.

  • Located in within a 500 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA.

Large Business to Business Product and Service Providers with…

  • $10,000,000 plus per year in gross revenues.

  • Looking to accomplish specific sales/marketing projects to diversify.

  • Competing in niche marketplaces.

  • Declining/stagnant gross revenues and a shrinking marketplace.

  • Located in United States.


Secondary Marketplaces for the services of The Cincinnatus Group include:

  • Manufacturers (SIC Codes 20 through 39) with the need for a Manufacturer’s Rep.

  • Non-Profit Entities (SIC Code 82 through 86)with the need for Contracted Sales and Marketing Consulting.

  • Start-Up private and public companies with the need for Contracted Sales and Marketing Consulting.


The Story of the Emperor Cincinnatus

The Cincinnatus Group takes its name from the Roman Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. A figure of legendary Roman virtue, Cincinnatus, having retired from public office, was plowing his fields one day in 458 BCE, when he received an urgent plea to return to the command of Rome’s armies. The city was under the attack of Aequi and Volscian tribes.

At great risk to himself and with no desire for glory, Cincinnatus took up his command, defeated the advancing barbarians, and then returned to his farm, all within 16 days.

George Washington has been called an American Cincinnatus because he rose to the defense of his nation, but held command only until the defeat of the British and, at a time when he could have been proclaimed King, instead returned to the life of a farmer at his beloved Mount Vernon.

The Cincinnatus Group holds no ambition higher than to respond to the call of companies struggling in the new and chaotic markets of the twenty first century, or whose dream is to advance to the next level of success, and by our efforts ensure a dramatic increase in gross revenues. After achieving one success, we will simply move on to help another, and another. Is the time right for us to work with you?


Owner Andrew C. McCaffrey

Drew McCaffrey is a dynamic professional with experience as a computer and information technology specialist, an educator, and as a business leader/manager. He has a history of success in coordinating all three areas of expertise to provide technical and non-technical integrated solutions for a diverse range of businesses and organizations.

After earning a B.S. degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1992, Drew began a multi-faceted career including the entrepreneurial development of new businesses, teaching, and business management.

With extensive experience managing and marketing computer, networking, and e-commerce solutions, Drew's background includes the positions of General Manager and Director of Sales for Shiloh Service, Inc. (Pittsburgh's 58th fastest growing company in 2000), and Account Manager and Business Developer for MCSi, Inc., an audio visual and systems integration firm.

Drew is active in the community, serving on several committees of the Norwin Chamber of Commerce, and belongs to the Westmoreland Business Referral Association, the Laurel Highlands Chamber of Commerce, BNI, EABA, BMA, Our Lady of Grace Parish, and others.

Read Andrew C. McCaffrey's Resume