How The Cincinnatus Group Can Help


The Cincinnatus Group offers an array of resources designed to assist with the growth of your businesses and dramatically improve its gross revenues. Our mission is to help your company through:

  • Discovering untapped markets
  • Revealing new sales opportunities
  • Focusing your sales force
  • Diversifying your client base
  • Stabilizing cash flow
  • Increasing the value of your business

Services areas include Manufacturer Representatives, Contracted Sales, Marketing Consulting, Sales Consulting, Strategic Consulting. More than pre-packaged services; however, The Cincinnatus Group offers a relationship between your company and our experienced sales, marketing, and consulting professionals.

When inquiring about our services, do so in the confidence that, with The Cincinnatus Group, you are working with the firm whose deep skill sets are unparalleled in the industry.

As a Manufacturer Rep

In the area of Manufacturer Representative, The Cincinnatus Group boasts an extensive database of over 8,000 business contacts and the experience to bring the message of your company’s value to new customers and markets.

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As Contracted Sales

In the area of Contracted Sales, The Cincinnatus Group brings years of experience to the table in providing both the Outside Sales services needed to penetrate new markets and the Inside Sales experience to take your telemarketing teams to the next level of effectiveness.

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Marketing Consulting

In the area of Marketing Consulting, The Cincinnatus Group provides an impressive array of services, from conducting the basic research into your company’s core strengths and its competition to establishing detailed plans capable of taking your company to the next level.

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Sales Consulting

In the area of Sales, The Cincinnatus Group brings years of experience to the table in providing the structures and training needed for Sales Leadership, Sales Management, Sales Technology, and Sales Training.

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Strategic Consulting

In the area of Strategic Consulting, The Cincinnatus Group provides soup-to-nuts services, starting with the basics of your company’s Mission and Values Statements all the way to providing Strategic Consulting Leadership, Management, and Production services as needed.

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