Sales Consulting


Sales represents a remarkably varied field of study. Yet regardless of the many how-to guides and scholarly texts, there remains an art to the successful sale that cannot be taught. There is no substitute for natural aptitude, but without experience and a solid grounding in sales theory, even the most naturally talented sales force can perform below expectations.

The Cincinnatus Group offers you a relationship with professionals who truly understand sales in its many varieties and aspects.

Manufacturing Representatives

Commissioned representatives, taking the message of your company’s product, its reputation, quality, and price to qualified prospects.

Contracted Outside Sales

Handles all of your company’s Outside Sales calls, generating new business quickly and more cost-effectively than adding new personnel or a new department to your existing sales force.

Contracted Inside Sales

Inside Sales is responsible for proposal generation, maintaining a database of customer information, and generating appointments for the salesmen in the field.

Sales Consulting

Building an outside sales force, establishing your entire local or regional Manufacturer Representative infrastructure system and process, to training.

Sales Technology Consulting

Database management. From Goldmine and ACT to many varieties of custom and contact relationship management (CRM) packages, The Cincinnatus Group can help you leverage the most value from your data.

Outside Sales Training

Training your outside sales teams how to sell, penetrate new markets, and properly document information essential for good database management.

Inside Sales Training

Training your inside sales teams how to answer calls, turn customer service issues into new business, sell, penetrate new markets, and properly document information essential for good database management.

Outside Sales Management

Managing the entire process of Outside Sales, from establishing protocols and measuring sales performance to going out on calls with your sales professionals to critique effectiveness.

Inside Sales Management

The Cincinnatus Group has the Inside Sales experience to take your telemarketing teams to the next level of effectiveness. Weekly meetings with sales teams, training in contacting financial and technical decision makers, and database management are a part of this critical sales arena.

Sales Technology Training

Whether your database software is ACT, Goldmine, Upshot, or a custom package, we can help you better integrate your existing software into the sales process. (Sales teams are notorious for acquiring these packages and failing to follow though with them to the best advantage.)

Sales Technology Management

Your database software is integrated into your sales process, but are you receiving useful and actionable reports? Is Accounting data properly integrated with Sales data, and vice versa? The Cincinnatus Group can help you get the most out of investments in software you have already made.

Sales Leadership

Every sales and marketing endeavor begins with a vision and a plan. The Cincinnatus Group works with you to develop the foundation upon which your successful sales strategy will be built. What does a successful sales process look like for your company? How does the process proceed, from the first contact, step by step, until the sale closes? What are the protocols, the expected customer behavior at each step, and the proper techniques to reach the decision makers for government contracts, key accounts, and potential new markets?

The Cincinnatus Group has the experience to assist you in creating a solid foundation, so that you know not only what performance to expect from your sales team, but how track, measure, and adjust your approach as time goes by.

Sales Management

Sales Management is best thought of as the follow up to Sales Leadership. With a solid foundation in place, Sales Management is the art of taking the vision and executing it. Many a wonderful plan has failed due to lack of follow through. The Cincinnatus Group stands ready to oversee the implementation of your sales plan, through regular meetings with your sales team and team leaders, as well as taking on specific tasks as may be necessary to move the process forward – such as interviewing for new hires, assigning and tracking the success of individual tasks, and accompanying your sales representatives on high-profile calls.

Sales Technology

Is your company held hostage to the whims of its sales force? Perhaps you have some exceptional sales leaders, but what happens when they retire, move on, or start their own business? What happens to your contacts, knowledge about your clients’ decision making process, and those potential customers who were only weeks or months away from doing business?

Your customer information is a valuable asset, one on which your company can capitalize again and again. Whether you use Goldmine, ACT, Upshot, or your own industry specific, customized database software, the proper integration and maintenance of these automated customer data packages is crucial in today’s marketplace.

The Cincinnatus Group can provide invaluable assistance at any step along the way, from choosing the best software package to meet your needs, to integrating it effectively with your sales processes, training personnel in accurate utilization techniques, and developing reports which provide you with useful, actionable information.

Sales Training

Whether your sales effort relies upon an Inside Sales force, a number of commissioned Manufacturer’s Reps, and/or an Outside Sales team whose mission is to penetrate new markets, The Cincinnatus Group can provide top-of-the-line training geared to increase results.

A salesperson’s time is as valuable as anyone’s. When approaching new prospects, they need to be able to judge the decision making process in place, and whether their best approach is through a senior engineer, a technical advisor, a financial officer, or the CEO. They need to know when to sell peace-of-mind and when to sell product, recognizing that many first trials of your product are based, not necessarily on price or quality, but on how your company’s response solves an on-going problem. Finally, existing customers represent your best opportunity for increased sales, and your sales force must be sensitive to the opportunities available.

How The Cincinnatus Group Can Help You

The Cincinnatus Group offers an array of resources designed to assist with the growth of your businesses and dramatically improve its gross revenues. Our mission is to help your company through:

  • Discovering untapped markets
  • Revealing new sales opportunities
  • Focusing your sales force
  • Diversifying your client base
  • Stabilizing cash flow
  • Increasing the value of your business

Services areas include Manufacturer Representatives, Contracted Sales, Marketing Consulting, Sales Consulting, Strategic Consulting. More than pre-packaged services; however, The Cincinnatus Group offers a relationship between your company and our experienced sales, marketing, and consulting professionals.

When inquiring about our services, do so in the confidence that, with The Cincinnatus Group, you are working with the firm whose deep skill sets are unparalleled in the industry.

In the area of Sales, The Cincinnatus Group brings years of experience to the table in providing the structures and training needed for Sales Leadership, Sales Management, Sales Technology, and Sales Training.

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