Strategic Consulting


Strategic Consulting encompasses the core mission and values of your company, the foundation upon which all production and sales are based.

Few companies provide exactly one product or service to a single client. A diverse client base and multiple products, product lines, and/or services means that a concise definition of your company’s mission is not always obvious. Perhaps your business is billed as a supplier of electronic components, but your books show that service contracts are your fastest growing source of revenue. What is your company’s future?

The Cincinnatus Group can provide objective, strategic consultation designed to center your company in a solid understanding of its core mission, values, and approach to growth in a changing marketplace.

Leadership in Strategic Consulting

The Cincinnatus Group works with your business at the top level, sitting down with your Chief Officers and Board of Directors to review the basic mission and motivations which set the foundation for your company’s marketing.

We work through:

  • Board Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission Statement Facilitation
  • Values Statement Facilitation
  • Business Planning Facilitation

Business and marketing plans take their cues from the core realities defined in these sessions. Is your company a producer or low-cost items, or high quality wares? Is its hallmark great customer service, or proven reliability? Without basic agreement as to corporate goal and values, marketing can present an image of your company severely at odds with its actual approach to the marketplace or too “out-of-focus” to command the attention of new customers.

Management of Strategic Consulting

Mission and value statements, business planning and strategic goals accomplish little when filed away for posterity, with little or no action taken to integrate them into the culture and daily activities of your business.

The Cincinnatus Group offers Management of Strategic Consulting services in order to assure that your basic planning results in more than a nicely worded document. Through periodic meetings with Board, managers, and staff, we can monitor the implementation of actionable responsibilities and assigned tasks. At this level, The Cincinnatus Group provides oversight, hand-holding, and progress reports, all geared to continue the momentum and maintain the enthusiasm of initial planning.

Production of Strategic Consulting

Where Management Consulting implies oversight and task assignment with regard to Strategic Consulting Goals, Production is where The Cincinnatus Group takes on specific tasks of its own. This could be anything from arranging and managing needed meetings to undertaking a hiring search, opening needed bank accounts, production of sales and marketing materials,-- whatever tasks are necessary to implement your Strategic Consulting Plan.

How The Cincinnatus Group Can Help You

The Cincinnatus Group offers an array of resources designed to assist with the growth of your businesses and dramatically improve its gross revenues. Our mission is to help your company through:

  • Discovering untapped markets
  • Revealing new sales opportunities
  • Focusing your sales force
  • Diversifying your client base
  • Stabilizing cash flow
  • Increasing the value of your business

Services areas include Manufacturer Representatives, Contracted Sales, Marketing Consulting, Sales Consulting, Strategic Consulting. More than pre-packaged services; however, The Cincinnatus Group offers a relationship between your company and our experienced sales, marketing, and consulting professionals.

When inquiring about our services, do so in the confidence that, with The Cincinnatus Group, you are working with the firm whose deep skill sets are unparalleled in the industry.

In the area of Strategic Consulting, The Cincinnatus Group provides soup-to-nuts services, starting with the basics of your company’s Mission and Values Statements all the way to providing Strategic Consulting Leadership, Management, and Production services as needed.

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